Mar 29, 2009

Petruseva: "A Very Un-Holy Affair"

For many of us who don’t follow Macedonian-language media on a regular basis, Ana Petruseva’s “blog” on was the first relay of information on the event in question. Access this “basic reading” here.


  1. The Government and its Hitler Grujovski are disgrace for my country Macedonia. They make things, violence and torture that is uncommon for my peaceful Macedonia. He sent a letter in Greece about the rights of the Macedonians, but what about the Macedonians in Bulgaria and Albania? Is it because his origin is from the Macedonian part in Greece? Or is it because he sold his ass to the Bulgarians and Albanians (to make a coalition)? Anyway, I hate to be ashamed because of somebody else's stupidity and sick ambitions for power. I still want to be free and proud Macedonian and I want my Macedonia to be free of violence. I stand for the people who are against the church in the square Makedonija. Thank you.

  2. The event that took place two days ago is the last sign that Macedonia is becoming a country where people do not have the right to tell or to manifest what they think and what they are.
    The main problem is not the question if there should be a church on the place Macedonia, the problem is that in Macedonia live a mass of rural people that are ready to kill young students that are protesting, which confirms that Macedonia is not ready to take part of the European Union or any other unions of that kind.
    Finally, thinks must change starting with the system of education and the totalitarian political system which is created by the actual Government.

  3. Milka wrote:
    > He sent a letter in Greece about the
    > rights of the Macedonians,
    > but what about the Macedonians in
    > Bulgaria and Albania?

    ...or about the rights of macedonians in macedonia ;) apparently there's similar problems.

  4. Dear Milka,

    It is sad that you call yourself Macedonian, and it's even sadder to hear that you consider yourself free and proud. I don’t know how free and proud you would’ve felt if you were born as Macedonian in Greece. It is a basic human right for people in democratic societies to be able to maintain their cultural identity, religion, and language from discrimination, however in regards to the basic human rights of the minorities, Greece has a backward, oppressive and medieval mentality. It is great that Gruevski actually had the courage to raise this question with the Greek government. He might have poor taste in Architecture, however his official politics toward Greeks government is something to be proud of.