Mar 30, 2009

SK Blogger: "Democracy dies, now put the cross on top"

...but also, or especially, in Skopje people are shocked, and one blogger, Incontinentia Buttox, was so kind to send to us a translation of her latest text, which we here reproduce unaltered: (By the way, we would welcome more contributions from the outside. We don't have to agree with them, but they should be somewhat civil, and preferably in English.)


Dear fellow citizens, dear fellow countrymen!
Even though my plan was to terminate this blog for eternity and sink in lethargy, I cannot keep silent over what happened yesterday; over what happened to Macedonia, its citizens, its sons and daughters, its intelligentsia. (I could do nothing but smile a bitter smile over the fact that my last post, published over a year ago is about ... ta-ta!!! THE SAME SUBJECT!)
So, this is how it was: yesterday at noon there was only one real victim on the square Makedonija (and also a few bruised and kicked students. YES! STUDENTS!!! NOT PARTY ACTIVISTS!!!!). Democracy died, but it was already ill, rotten and very fake. It was killed by people who, as crusaders, jumped at those kids, tore their trans parents saying DO NOT RAPE SKOPJE, who swore, cursed, brought them to God's judgment and banned them from their homeland. And yes, I was there too, supporting the students. First, because as a Macedonian citizen it is my lawful right to protest peacefully and state my opinion; and second, because I believe we have to, we simply HAVE TO let the young (read: NORMAL) people of this country voice their dissatisfaction with all this, excuse my language, shit served to us by the politicians and all their life forms imported in all the structures of Macedonia.
I said it then, I will say it now, and that is what the students had to say, but the god-fearing philanthropists did not let them: NO to a church where it does not belong! NO to bad unjustified and meaningless architecture! NO to Lumix, the memorial of Mother Theresa, the sequel of the White house by the river Vardar! NO to Alexander larger than his own state! But, to be fair, YES to the philharmonic.
I am only sorry that in the past two days I've managed to build up disgust for the people (with which I am identified outside the borders of my country) who insulted me and pushed me not knowing why I was there, covering me with political, religious and patriotic etiquettes. I am sorry, I don't want to have those feelings, I don't want to wish for them what they wished for me. I am sorry to be facing the fact that Macedonia is governed by primitives. I don't want to be misunderstood, when I say 'primitive', I don't mean to refer to the meaning equaling 'aboriginal'. I speak of primitives that can only win quasi battles with fists, kicks, insults and curses. Primitives that only feel strong in the presence of a flag and an icon, that can act only with their gang, that don't know the meaning of the word 'tolerance': not in a human, nor in a democratic way. Especially not in a christian way. Primitives that do not listen and do not think. And there are a lot of them.
But fortunately, there are still citizens left in Macedonia. And we are not leaving."


  1. Who let the dogs out!?

  2. oh, the dogs WERE out. only everybody pretended they don't exist :)

  3. just to add: the negativism in my blog that I was and (I am still) ashamed of was provoked by the events that occurred on Saturday. Cooling off a little now, I can definitely see a difference among the people in the counter protest. All people were NOT violent, all people were NOT hateful, but it truly was very difficult to realize it when under such pressure. And it still remains a fact that the violent lot WAS indeed using Christianity as a mask to justify the fascist attack on democracy.