Mar 30, 2009

Ruling party: passers-by "irritated by anti-christian signs"

In a recent press release (in English), the ruling VMRO-DPMNE dismisses the encounter (called "the first architectural uprising" by some of its supporters) as merely one between followers of different political parties; the ruling VMRO-DPMNE and the oppositional SDSM: "[A] group of young SDSM supports from the Faculty of Architecture protested against building a church on Skopje's main square. The SDSM group was attacked by passers by who became irritated by anti-christian signs. Once the opposing group found out the protesters were from the SDSM, it quickly turned violent ... VMRO's spokesperson Bichikliski has asked the SDSM to not organize protests with political agenda. [T]hey have already lost the elections, and are now only ruining Macedonia's image abroad."


  1. It is sad - so what if they were "from the SDSM"?! Does that mean it was OK to beat them and use violence to stop them expressing what ever they wanted to?
    The problem is with the governing party and the government, with their aim to oppress and shut up everyting and everyone that has a different opinion of their!

  2. What is the essence? A group protested. A more numerous opponent group, lead by some clericals, came and used violence, in front of the policeme?!
    And the officials are trying now to accuse anybody but theirselves and the governing party?!
    Who cares about the democracy, about the right of speech, of different opinion etc...
    The Prime Minister must react, he must admit that it was wrong and ask for excuse. The Ministy of Interiors must also do what it is paid for and stop protect the ones that are guilty for such an outcome!

  3. Just for the record, noone from the group of the student protestants wore an anti christian-sign.There was no such thing as anti-christian signs because the point of the protest had nothing to do with religion whatsoever. The main concern was the aestitical appearance of Macedonia square and Skopje in general. I am appalled by the reaction of the other group.Ignorance is what rules in Macedonia and what will bring the Macedonian nation down.

  4. I agree with my namesake "anonymous". Even if they were SDSM supporters, this would make the protest no less legal and valid. (And as we can see on the 100s of videos on the web, it wasn't actually the so-called "SDSM supports" that used violent means.) This is only a strategy to distract from the actual issue, and it apparently works.