Mar 30, 2009

The reaction of the Ministry of Interior

Today also, "a network of people and groups working for human rights and sustainable development", took a stance on the issue:

"After the incidents, the Ministry of interior announced criminal charges against all identified participants in the violence, noting that three private charges of assault and harassment were filed. The Ministry also announced that it may investigate the responsibility of the organizers of the student protests who didn`t organize people who would be responsible for security of the protests. On the other hand, the Ministry says it won`t investigate the other group which, in their view, gathered spontaneously as a reaction to the students` protest. [The ministry] didn`t, however, offer and explanation about the soft and indecisive reaction of the police once the violence erupted, nor did it explain the obviously insufficient number of policemen in the square. The political parties, involved in an intensive campaign for the second round of Presidential and Local Elections, came out with statements accusing their opponents of being responsible and instigating the violence."

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