Mar 30, 2009

"Every European square has a Church": an expat's version of the events

Skopje resident and blogger S. Elder reports from Skopje on the day of the event:

"When I woke up on Saturday morning, the alley behind my apartment was filled with poorly-designed flyers. They were in support of the building of a Macedonian Orthodox Church on the main public square in Skopje, giving such compelling arguments as "The Square is an unfinished area of the City" and "Every European square has a Church. We should too." ... This flyer was meant to rally people to the square that morning in support of the building of the church, as opponents of a church-on-the-square were holding their own rally. [T]he opponents were students from the Faculty of Architecture, and opposed to the location, rather than the church itself ... This new church is being built on an already-crowded square, in a location where both mosques and churches have previously existed. And, on an aesthetic note, the construction wall blocks the main cafe-bar area from views of the river."

Read the whole blog posting, including a note on the ethno-political background of the project and the question of public spending, here.

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